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Bullets and Spice script :icondremalone:DreMalone 0 0
2 Sentence Story
It was a dark and stormy night.
The Earth cradled itself in blankets of black clouds, awaiting its end.
:icondremalone:DreMalone 1 0
Mature content
Johnny dies on the highway :icondremalone:DreMalone 1 2
Test Text by DreMalone Test Text :icondremalone:DreMalone 0 0
How to write flash fiction
Flash fiction. A story told in 100 to 1,000 words. It's simple and to the point. I write that more than short stories as you can get down to the nitty gritty of a story. If you decide to try your hand at flash fiction, remember some key points:
Keep it simple. Focus on a brief interesting idea or event – a moment in time.
Jump in. Start with action – no preamble, find a good lead sentence or start with dialogue.
Find the right words and add some conflict. Write tight; make every word count: imply, using words and actions to show pain, anxiety, happiness, fear, or excitement. Add conflict — every story needs conflict — physical or emotional, internal or external, pile it on; be bold.
Keep the reader hooked. Lure the reader on, keep them guessing until the final paragraph.
End with a twist. Surprise with the last sentence or last few sentences. Make your story memorable.
-Gloria Watts
:icondremalone:DreMalone 0 3
Mature content
A girl called Rae: Seven :icondremalone:DreMalone 0 0
You're a what??
Fifteen minutes ago, Eva got a text from her best friend, Vincent, saying to meet him in Kirby Park down the street. He had something important to show and tell her. It's Fall, it's getting cold, so what the hell was so important that he couldn't tell her in a text?
She agreed.
12 minutes had past, and she was cold waiting in the park. She turned to go to back home, but Vincent was behind her. No jacket, and acting like the cold didn't phase him.
At the 15 minute mark, he said something that pissed her off, but couldn't believe what he said.
“Say that again?”
“I'm a werewolf.”
Eva folds her arms across her chest, looking at Vincent, wondering if he's full of shit.
“You want proof?”
“I don't know what I want. Proof, no proof.”
“You want proof.”
Eva shakes her head. “Okay, enough. It's dark, cold, and I'm gonna lose it. I thought you were gonna tell me something serious.”
“This is serious,” Vincent grins,
:icondremalone:DreMalone 0 2
Mature content
Sanyo (A Halloween Story) :icondremalone:DreMalone 0 0
Mature content
Jack and Jill comic script (dirty sample) :icondremalone:DreMalone 0 0
Jack and Jill comic book script (sample)
Jack and Jill
Translated to comic script by Phillip Magana
    1 PAGE
    Jack and Jill are holding hands while skipping up a hill. In Jack's other hand is a wooden pale, and Jill is pointing to the well at the top of the hill.
Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water.
    Insert Panel 1
    Jack trips on a rock skipping up the hill. Yes, Jack has that “what the fuck” look on his face that all people have when they trip on something and they know they won't be able to catch themselves.
Jack fell down...
    Insert Panel 2
    Jack's head slams on a rock as he falls down. Blood splats on the rock and ground, with stars flying around his head. Yes, Jack rings his noggin pretty good!
...and broke his crown...
    Insert Panel 3
    Jack rolls down the hill, dragging poor Jill along, since Jack was still holding onto her hand when he fell an
:icondremalone:DreMalone 0 0
Mature content
Full Moon Hunt :icondremalone:DreMalone 3 3
Talk to Me
He sits in the same grassy hillside overlooking the city every full moon, waiting for it to come out and play. La Luna, or Luna, as he calls it. Every werewolves' constant companion during their life on Mother Earth. To him, it's been a replacement girlfriend.
Augustine has fifteen minutes until it's night in the mountains of northern Arizona. Fifteen minutes until he can talk through the moon to his mate, Eryka. During the full moon phases, werewolves can talk to each other over great distances, as well as “feel” each other. It's a special bonding that no phone conversation can ever replace.
Something's changed in her. It's not the same with us anymore.
He felt her change a few months back, when she was hesitant to talk to him during a full moon phase. She was distracted, short on words and answers, and he felt a block of sorts. She was trying her best to hide something from him, which was impossible during the connection. But she managed to do it, or mayb
:icondremalone:DreMalone 1 2
Talk to Me by DreMalone Talk to Me :icondremalone:DreMalone 34 6
I Am Werewolf
     Robert Gaddis holds the letter with a mix of emotions; anger, sadness, joy, love. His son Steven is gone. Not dead, and not in a bad way. He knew this day was coming, it was just a matter of time when it happened. Eighteen, and he changed into a werewolf. That's pretty late in life for his kind, but better now than when he changed at twenty-four and had to learn the ropes of being feral the hard way. At least he's safe, being with family.
     Robert slumps lazily in his chair, reading the letter again.
Hey Pop.
If you're reading this, then you know I've finally changed. To a werewolf, that is. We both knew it was a matter of time. I'm glad it did. Personally, red wolves are bomb looking, but I stick out. Story of my life. I've never done good with normal, so I know I belong in this family.
All families have their secrets, don't they? That's how it goes. Some have druggies in the family. Some have thieves, murderers, ra
:icondremalone:DreMalone 12 10
Mature content
Zada: Small Break :icondremalone:DreMalone 1 1
Mature content
Malone: Hunters Moon Pt 4 :icondremalone:DreMalone 1 3


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Mari - Prison School by katyuskamoonfox Mari - Prison School :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 2,482 97 Pharah - Do not drop weights by MonoriRogue Pharah - Do not drop weights :iconmonorirogue:MonoriRogue 4,205 292


Yes, this is an alias ;)
United States
Current Residence: Arizona
Favourite genre of music: Love it all
What's good, ya'll! Happy late New Year!

Folks have asked how I write my stories. I'll use Veronica Roth's term: "word vomit". Said word vomit is basically writing your story without a care in the world, which anyone writing should do. I don't care if it sounds good or not, I just get the story out of my mind.

Next is the brain fart stage. Said brain farting is setting the story aside and living life. I go work out, go to work, pick my nose, all that shit. 2 weeks later, I go back to the word vomit story and edit the hell out of it. If it's a short story, yeah, I'll let it sit and go back to it in a few days. If it's a flash fiction story, I'll sit aside for a few hours, then go back to it. By the way, flash fiction is a story told in 1000 words, and it's a great way to get a short story or novel started.

Back to editing. First thing I do is cut down on the adverbs. They suck. There's already enough descriptive modifiers in the story already. Plus I act parts out, that's why I write at home now instead of going to some damn coffeehouse or bookstore. I get animated. I talk to myself. I act a natural ass fool! Hell, I've been known to "recruit" people to help me with scenes. It's gotten me kicked out of stuck-up ass Macy's a few times, but I get the job done.

After the editing is done, it goes on my blog for my enjoyment. Yes, I should say yours, but I write for myself first. I write stories that I'd enjoy reading over and over. It's what writers do...writers write.

We all have a story to tell. Hopefully, the "pointers" I gave will inspire someone out there to write what's on their heart, and write for yourself.

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